Rokhshai, the first assistant of Iranian artificial intelligence Rokhshai, the first assistant of Iranian artificial intelligence
Clean Zoroaster

Hijab in Zoroastrianism


The first people to come to Iran were the Aryans. They were divided into two main groups, the Medes and the Persians. With the unification of the Medes, the "Median" state was formed.

After a while, the Persians were able to overthrow the Medes and establish the Achaemenid, Parthian and Sassanid dynasties.. Research shows that Iranian women from the time of the Medes, who were the first inhabitants of this land, wore a full hijab, including a long pleated shirt, pants up to the ankles and a chador and a long cloak on clothes. Different dynasties of the Persians were also common.5 Therefore, during the mission of Zoroaster and before and after, Iranian women wore full hijab. According to historical texts, covering the hair and wearing long clothes, pants and a chador were common in all those times, and although women were able to move freely outside the house and work alongside men, this was done with Complete hijab and strict avoidance of corrupt mixes.

The cultural status of the veil among the noble women of Iran is such that during the complete rule of the kings, when Xerxes ordered Queen Vashi to come to the feast without a veil so that those present could see the beauty of her body, she refused and He refused to obey the king's order and because of this disobedience, by the order of the judges, he lost the title of "Queen of Iran".
During the Sassanid period, which is after the prophecy of Zarathustra, in addition to the chador, face covering also became common among aristocratic women.. According to Will Durant, after Darius, upper-class women did not dare to leave the house except in a cloaked bed, and they were never allowed to come and go openly with men.. Married women had no right to see any man, not even their father or brother. In the roles left from ancient Iran, no female face is seen and no name is mentioned.7
The manifestations of veiling among Iranian women are so remarkable that some thinkers and civilization writers have introduced Iran as the main source of promoting hijab in the world.8
Since the center of resurrection was "Ashu Zoroaster" in Iran and he did not see any shortage in the field of the principle of hijab and women's clothing in his society, by confirming the limits and quality of hijab common at that time, he tried to find his own inner roots with advice. Deepen and strengthen the hijab, guarantee the implementation of the internal factor and support the continuation and stability of the usual hijab.

Hijab in the womb of Zoroaster
Look at the advice of "Ashuzartasht" to clarify his efforts to excel and teach the basics of hijab and to express the need to combine the outer hijab with esoteric chastity; He says:
O young men and women!… With zeal, pursue a clean secretary life… .O men and women! Find the right path and follow. Never be surrounded by lies and fleeting joys that ruin life; For pleasure, which is accompanied by notoriety and sin, is like a deadly poison mixed with sweetness, and like itself hell.. By doing such things, ruin your universe life. The reward of the path of goodness comes to the one who removes the air, lust, selfishness and false desires from himself, overcomes himself, and negligence and negligence in this way, the end will be nothing but lamentation and regret..
Those who are deceived by committing ugly deeds will be afflicted with misery and nothingness, and in the end they will roar and shout and groan.
It should be noted that in the religion of Zoroaster, no special clothing or quality is obligatory for women to wear hijab; Rather, the common dress of the time, which included long clothes, trousers, and a cap — that is, a tent or cloak over it — was interpreted and enforced.. However, the use of sedra and wrestling - a special religious dress for Zoroastrians - is recommended.10 Of course, it is obligatory on every man and woman to cover their heads when performing rituals and prayers.. According to Moayed "Rostam Shahrzadi", women's clothing should be such that none of the hair on the woman's head is out of the cap.. In the Avesta fragment, this is explicitly stated: "The name of Zat Vajim, we all cover our heads and we all pray and Karim Badadar Hormozd; 11 means we all say your name and we all cover our heads and then we pray to Dadar Ahur Mazda".
According to religious teachings, a believing Zoroastrian should avoid looking down on women and even refrain from employing such men.. In the advice of "Azarbadmaraspand" the priest of the priests is mentioned:"Do not accept a bad-eyed man as your deputy" 12.
Covering the hair and having a mask on the face has continued after the fall of the Sassanids. Take a look at this example: After the conquest of Iran, when three of Kasra's daughters brought the Sassanid emperor to life, the Persian princes continued to cover their faces with masks.. Omar ordered the cover to be removed from the face so that buyers would make more money after the look. Iranian maids refused and punched Omar's chest in the chest, throwing them away. Omar became very angry; Wali Imam Ali(ع) He advised him to be patient and respect them.

Rokhshai, the first assistant of Iranian artificial intelligence Rokhshai, the first assistant of Iranian artificial intelligence

Shamshad Amiri Khorasani

Knowing the history and culture of Iran is like entering a world where nothing awaits us except love and honor and sometimes sadness, maybe our history is stored in the memory of our genes so that we can use it to expand self-awareness and self-awareness. .

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[…] used as a political instrument moderately than being seen simply as a garment or non secular apply. All through the days of the Zoroastrians, hijab used to be some way of protecting hair to turn religiosity but in addition as a logo of recognize […]

The Great Cyrus

Mr. Sepehr wants to be Iranian because he has a special gene because not every race is Iranian
Even if ancient Iran was half of the world, it means that half of the world was under the control, support and kingdom of Iran.

The Great Cyrus

Ms. Samaneh, I completely agree with you
Now that we can no longer have such a cover
Because times are different, we must be the manifestation of eternity, but be aware of our civilization and give full respect

The Great Cyrus

Addressed to the Shah Dokht of Iran
I'm sorry, I did not know that you were a lady or a gentleman, so I did not call you like this ❤
True, I completely agree with you. A healthy woman shows herself to be a person with a personality, but not the cover of stupid Islam.
The original Iranians are completely similar to India. You must have known that India is one of the ancient history of Iran. They are also our compatriots and our original Iranian clothing is similar to them, but with a little difference and originality.

The Great Cyrus

Mr. Haghjoo, I completely agree with your opinion about tents in ancient Iran
But Iran, its civilization was formed from Aryans, there was no Iran at all, it is like saying that an adult is ready to exist like this.
Iran, as I said, was created by the Lors and the nomads


I do not have much experience like other friends and I have read a few books, but based on what I read on the sites and these few books, I express my opinion. It is accepted that the people of ancient Iran observed the hijab to the extent that they maintained their consciousness and personality, and this issue was not limited to women, and men also had to observe appropriate clothing.

Shah Dokht Iranian

See, now they say hijab is forced, but who is acting? The country is full of bad adultery. Hijab with the worst clothes and nudity. In your opinion, where does this make a woman beautiful and free? Honor her, no man has a heart for adultery. They themselves say that colorful adultery with nudity is far from them, so that they can easily achieve their desires. The bondage of all these false relationships is based on these words and thoughts and the way people dress. Where in history has it been said that boys do not need to be like girls to wear hijab? Make sure that everyone who has seen the body has a relationship with a lot of boys and has done a lot of bad things, get married, or vice versa, the girls are talking like that. Why all this base and Do not be afraid of the basis of their lives. My Iran is becoming like this little by little


If with the view that in the past there was a hijab for women in this land and that is why women should wear the hijab today, then in the past men used to wear a headscarf and wear very loose clothes and very loose pants, why are men required today? Aren't they dressed like their predecessors ??

Iran is my dream home



Thank you very much for your rich and meaningful content.
It is clear that behind this research of yours, there are many studies from various sources.

Of the right

Dear friend, instead of repeating the silly words at the bottom of your study, you have been naked in many inscriptions on the heads of women. The Aryans of this country had a civilization. Civilizations like Ilam Arata, go and see their works.… to be

Aria manesh

Hijab was also common during the civilization of Ilam and the burnt city. Women covered their heads with cloth and men wore long clothes. The value of Iran was the same.. Maintain the purity of their revelation. Hijab is not unique to Iran. All religions and countries wore hijab before World War II, but after the war, hijab and veils decreased.. It is really unfortunate in a land where Lady Daghdoo YouTube of Iran is the daughter of Lady Artemis Amitis and….. They were and did everything to preserve their values. Today, intellectuals who have become Westernized and know nothing about the history of Iran and the world can easily comment.. You, Janet Fadaei Cyrus, look at the culture of my culture.


Well done, excellent

Thank you

Really good


This story is one of the ridiculous stories for the destruction of Xerxes (No Darius) Is in the Babylonian myth (War of the Gods of Babylon: Marduk and Ishtar against the gods of Elam: Mashti and Haman) It was made and paid for by some of the captive Jews in Babylon, who learned it and localized it to Iran and the Jews under the name of "Premium Festival" to create an epic.. It was during the Parthian period (That is, a few centuries after the story was told)

Such a story has no historical evidence whatsoever from the language of Greek historians (Even the most lying) And what is not in the inscriptions of Iran.

Darius the Great (Ancient genius) And Xerxes (Revenge of Iran) Who are one of the few fathers and sons of the same age in the history of Iran. Their zeal and status were such that they did not need to be encouraged and admired by others for their wife's body and beauty.


In the past, if it was a hijab ( We do not see women's free hair in Sassanid works ) Today it is stupid to wear the obligatory hijab! What we see today is that this type of hijab with a mask is more of a Semitic culture. In Israel, we also see rabbis and their wives wearing a mask.! They play with a black tent and…. This was not an Iranian culture that had beautiful colors and free hair (Yes, it was Greek cultural nudity, but this kind of forced hijab in society had nothing to do with our culture)


Will Durant's History of Civilization
One sentence is enough in your words:
“In the 21st century, unfortunately, social intelligence has replaced elite intelligence”
Everyone is an expert in a country with low study rates!
In other words, do not be an adjective


As far as Zoroastrian priests themselves say, Zarathustra was not a prophet but a reformer ( Or mystic) It was he who made changes on the Moghan religion. As Mani and Mazdak also published their writings from Kish Moghan.

Therefore, these three religions are more earthly than heavenly, and unlike the heavenly religions, their propaganda is not based on miracles but on reasoning..

In the Qur'an, it is also referred to as Kish Moghan in Avesta > Don't say > In Greek (مگوس) And in Arabic (Magus) It is mentioned and in practice you see that the followers of Zoroaster, Mazdak, Mani all fall into this category..

In Islamic traditions, the Iranian prophet lived in the northwest of the country, while Zarathustra originated in the northeast, and the Avestan language is related to eastern Iran. ( Current Afghanistan) Is.


Dear friend! The first people to enter Iran were not the Aryans. Thousands of years before the Aryans, many people lived in this country with brilliant civilizations..


Before repeating the anti-Iranian rhetoric, please have a study in the works of Dr. Jahanshah Derakhshani, a researcher of ancient pre-Achaemenid Iran.. According to which document do you schedule the arrival of an ethnic group while one document is to rule and the other document is the report of their neighbors?

۱- The Medes and Persians were two peoples who were imperial (Empire) They formed, not an ethnic group that is only Aryan

۲- According to Will Durant, Arya means farmer, who according to the first signs of agriculture in Iran, it can be concluded that the natives of Iran have named themselves as such because of agriculture.. ( Although in Sanskrit Aryan means noble(inoffensive) And honorable (سربلند) Is not in conflict with agriculture ( Against some tribes at the same time who were engaged in robbery and looting)

۳- Monogamy all over the world after the Ice Age (From 10,000 years ago until now) It started and before that nomadism, whether in a cave or a tent … There was one that did not create a civilization

۳- Elamite civilization (In the language of the Akkadians)= هلتمتی(In their own language)Khuzestan (In the language of the Achaemenids) Off the plateau in the Khuzestan Plain it was formed by dark-skinned people like the Macae (In present-day Balochistan) They were one of the indigenous Dravidians of southern India who arrived in Australia 50,000 years ago and formed the Australian Indigenous community..

۴- In the case of the Sumerians and Cassians, who were neighbors of the Elamites, there is a possibility of equality, in which case they must be Dravidians, who again cannot be proved to have migrated into this land before those who are called Aryans..

Of the right

Like your studies and this soldier friend of ours ???????


Carbon testing, writing and tools, and the progress of civilization.
Being Iranian does not require a specific gene

The Great Cyrus

Mr. Farshid, I did not understand what you meant, but I have to say that if there is an Iranian and now his name is Iran, that Iran has not been like this from the beginning.
So in one sentence I can say Iran means Lor Bakhtiari( Achaemenids) At that time, Persian was the language of Lak Bakhtiari or Lors… Long live ancient Iran ❤❤❤❤

Sajjad Motamedi

Your article was very good, I used it so that your hand does not hurt

ی ایرانی

See, brother, he has mixed information. Zarathustra belongs to the time before Cyrus, the time of the Sassanids.: Ahura Mazda helped me to win the war Ahura Mazda is the one God of the universe. My prophet Zarathustra correctly chose Ormazd. Mazdisna was a Zoroastrian and Darius was a Zoroastrian.


I'm not saying that you're right or the words of some of my friends who commented, I're just saying a sentence
One day Cyrus is told why the women of your land do not wear headscarves
Cyrus says that the covering of the women of my land is the eyelids of the men of this land


According to which inscription or writing of an ancient historian did you write this narration?. Everyone has an opinion in the name of the person who registers the absence.

Will Durant says in the history books of civilization "The origin of hijab is in the world of Iran"

Even in Europe, the trend of nudity has intensified as we approach the contemporary century.

Of the right

In general, this is how you are used to research and reach a general conclusion based on the text of the book ?

Of the right

In general, this is how you are used to research and reach a general conclusion based on the text of the book ?

The Great Cyrus

Thank you, Mr. Hami, for the beauty you said, thank you very much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Hijab is to prevent blasphemy. In a country where sexual issues have been taboo since the beginning of history, it is natural for both hijab to remain safe and not to be accused. At that time, the police were not 110 !Now I do not know how much hijab was at that time, but logically it should have been enough to prevent the attention of the priests and corrupters of that time


Where is the source of this word from Darius? Why do you insist on beating half of the society with a lie? Iranian woman has the right to wear hijab or not, we are the only country that is captive to this ignorance, like Saudi Arabia! This petrification does not deserve the name of Iran

Of the right

To the source ??


Do not copy and paste the nonsense of Instagram wherever it reaches, of course, I have no opinion about the hijab at that time


Excuse me, some of what you said is true. We were one of the few people in the world who believed in hijab from the beginning, but not to the extent that you say . What you said about Xerxes is without any historical evidence. If after Darius the social situation is as you wrote, then I do not know how these women warriors came. Did they fight in the sheets?. It is true that the tent was made by Ira for the first time, but the way it was used was completely different from this time. At that time, women would braid their hair and pull a net over their heads . This is the first time I hear the mask. Please read at least four or five articles on this subject before leaving a text for the public so as not to cause controversy on the site. We kept sheets . Well, I did not hear that women at that time did not even have the right to see their father. Do not always rely only on Wikipedia information. .


A look at the men's clothing of ancient Iran, in their opinion, will also be bed linen. Compare with the naked Greeks.

Even in the film 300, Iranian men sent to Greece are shown completely covered.

According to an archaeologist on television : Nudity in ancient Iran (Even for men) It was a sign of shame.

Of the right

You look at the whole history of Iran, then comment

Of the right

You know, my dear, you do not accept the sources of Persepolis paintings and all the pre-Aryan civilizations, but I do not know what you insist on saying, only I am right.

Of the right

The tent has nothing to do with Iran at all. Do some more research


I agree with everything you say…
The mask of women belonged to the Qajar period, which was also after Islam…
Wikipedia information is written by people themselves. I can write as much as I want about women's hijab in ancient Iran in Wikipedia.???


If you read my little writing, you will understand why it is nonsense.


Mr. Behzad, this is not nonsense, in fact

Of the right

Because it's your wish, it's a fact that you don't see all these pictures of bare-headed women before the Aryans and after that, and then based on your own assumptions, you'll see biased and one-sided opinions. ??


Documentary Tell the Right User Joe!
I saw a photo without a hijab, but it belonged to a misfortune that a civilization is attacking and forcing their wives to always carry something to their death.


Zoroastrian women were forced to wear hijab at the same time in Islam, but the type of clothing was specified so that Zoroastrians could be identified.…


It is true that the Zoroastrians also wore the hijab and the veil and considered nudity and unrestrainedness as a sign of evil.
Their cover may not be like that of Muslims, but it should be known that they had a suitable cover.


The narrations about hijab discussed in the beginning of Islam, compared to the reports of historians and inscriptions, show that hijab was much stronger in Iran than in Saudi Arabia..

The suspicion that the Arabs considered Islam to have been made by Salman Farsi is even mentioned in the Qur'an, which shows the similarity of ancient Iranian culture with Islam..

Of the right

Look at their inscriptions and then comment

Muslim Iranians with zeal

Hi, I made a positive mistake


I had never heard of this more ridiculous. Go and do more research. The book covers the Sassanid period and some of the Achaemenids do not have any tents or what you said. You can see them right now so that they are not known. Go and look at the hair loss of the Sassanid period. There are works that cover their heads with a cloth that can be placed on those many jewels and gems that can be seen in Armenia. It is enough to say that I just said this so that you know. It should not be. Now, however, do we men have to cover our hair now?

Iranian soldier

If you look at the photos and sculptures of ancient Iran, you will see that they all have hijab, but not in the sense that we think.
Zoroastrians also consider nudity as a sign of the devil

Of the right

In your bag, you saw a photo and a statue of ancient Iran.

The Great Cyrus

Mr. Haqjo and Behzad are right, I agree ??????

The Great Cyrus


Dr. Iraj Taghvian

Shameful but more fanatical and ignorant than you did not see the logic of fascism
I have a doctorate in Iranian history and I teach at the university and I read most of the books about Zoroastrianism.
And that was the first time I heard that
Read a little book instead of dominating fascist logic and prejudice

Do me

Can you introduce a book that is not distorted?!


How clean the eyes of the men of this land are
stop saying bullshits
Both men and women must observe their own modesty

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